Gynaec Endoscopy

At our Hospital We Ooffer Keyhole Surgeries for all Gynecologiclal Surgical Procedures At Our Hospital we deliver innovative, multi disciplinary care for full range of Gynecological Conditions. Our Consultation process involves a thorough discussions with the patient about treatment options, both traditional and minimal access that are suited to the patient and to develop optimal treatment plan. Our Gynaec department headed by Dr. K. Anitha Reddy is dedicated to provide individual care to patients.
Advantages of Key Hole Surgeries: No Scars / Marks, Shorten the Recovery Time Reduced Blood Loss Less Pain Faster Return to Every Day Activities
Performed Surgeries Lap Hysterectomy (Uterus Removal) Lap Myomectomy Lap Tubectomy(Family Planning) Ovarian Cysts Endometriosis Cancers of Uterus Ovary and cervix Gential Prolapse Colpo Suspension FERTILITY ENHANCING SURGERIES PCOD (LEOS) FIBROID REMOVAL DIAGNOSTIC LAPAROSCOPY TUBAL CANULATION TUBAL BLOCK REPAIR Hysterscopy (Diagnostic) OPERATIVE HYSTEROSCOPY or Polyps, Fibroids Congential Abnormalities of Uterus Endometrial Biopsy Endometrial Ablation Tubal Recanlisation Vaginal Hysterectomy