Weight Loss Surgery

Obesity is declared as disease by WHO. We offer Bariatric Surgery for morbidly obese (BMI >40) & for those with metobolic disorders like diabetics with BMI>30. Weight Loss Surgery is done by reducing the size of stomach with a band (or) by removing a portion of stomach (or) by bypassing the stomach. We provide advanced treatment for Morbidly Obese and those with Metabolic Disorders. Our complete Bariatric Team has a Bariatric Surgeon, Physician, Anaesthetist, Nutrionist, Cardiologist and Physio Thearapist iavailable in our Hospital.


  • Average of 60-70% of Excess Body Weight Loss One Year After Surgery
  • Studies show that after 10-14 years, Patients have maintained 60% of excess Body Weight Loss.
  • 80-90% cure or improvement of certain associated health conditions like High Blood Pressure, Type 2 Diabetes, Sleep Apnea, Polystic ovaries and joint pains.
  • Patients report an early sense of fullness, combined with a sense of satisfaction, that reduces the desire to eat.

Performed Surgeries